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Catalan Arts - Ana Carla Maza Womex 2020

Actualizado: 2 mar 2021

Ana Carla Maza, selected to perform at Womex 2020

Ana Carla Maza has been selected to take part in the next edition of Womex, which will take place this year in Budapest from 21st to 25th October. Thus, Ana Carla Maza showcase will represent the music made in Catalonia along with the delegation of companies and professionals that will attend Womex through the booth that, once again, Catalan Music organises in the main fair dedicated to world music.

Cellist Ana Carla Maza Sierra was born in Havana, Cuba in a musical family. Her father is acclaimed Chilean pianist Carlos Maza and her mother is Cuban guitarist Mirza Sierra. Ana Carla started her cello classes at 8 and appeared on stage for the first time in Havana when she was barely ten. It was on this island that Ana Carla began to absorb airs, rhythms and chords before continuing her studies in several conservatories, in Cuba, in Paris, finally in Barcelona, where she currently lives and develops a musical career that has led her to perform throughout Europe in record time.

At 24, Ana Carla Maza has already given hundreds of concerts and placed her cello at the service of the most diverse ensembles and styles, from Brazilian bossa nova to Cuban habanera through an enlarged musical prism. Latin rhythms, pop melodies, jazz harmonies and classical techniques come together to create a world of explosive maturity shaped by a sweet voice, percussive pizzicati and an aerial bow.

Ana Carla Maza’s showcase at Womex, which counts with the promotional support of Catalan Music, is one more step in her career and an opportunity to show his second solo acoustic album, released in July 2020, La Flor.

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