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The Academy Program Masterclass 
"Discovering Your Voice in Latin Jazz"

Ana Carla Maza initiated her Academy Program several years ago, starting in Chile before gradually expanding to England and then to other regions of the world. This program has gained popularity and reach over time.

In 2024, the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz and UNESCO extended a special invitation to Ana Carla to present her Masterclass on International Jazz Day, April 30th.

This recognition underscores the importance and impact of her work in the field of jazz, as well as her contribution to the education and promotion of this art form internationally.

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The Program : We present Ana Carla Maza's Academy Program Masterclass!

  • Join us for an immersive masterclass into the captivating realm of music with Ana Carla Maza, a renownedcuban cellist-singer composer celebrated for her expertise in exploring musical identity and Latin jazz.

  • Under the guidance of Ana Carla Maza, participants will delve into the rich history and diverse influences of Latin jazz,
    discovering the fusion of African, European, and indigenous musical traditions.

  • Emphasizing individual expression and cultural heritage, Maza inspires students to embrace their unique backgrounds and personal experiences, shaping their musical identities within this dynamic genre.

  • Experience the thrill of improvisation and experimentation under Maza's guidance, as she encourages students to discover their own voice and style within the vibrant tapestry of Latin jazz.
    Through practical learning experiences, including ensemble playing and jam sessions, participants will deepen their understanding and appreciation of this captivating musical form.

  • Step into a creative and supportive learning environment where innovation flourishes and musical identities are unlocked.



How can I schedule/book the Ana Carla Maza masterclass?
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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Ana Carla Maza hereby announces that Persona Editorial Limited no longer represents her, and they hold no rights to any aspect of her artistic career, including but not limited to her music, image, and videos. Ana Carla Maza is the sole owner of all rights pertaining to her work. There exists no professional relationship between Persona Editorial Limited and Ana Carla Maza. This announcement serves to clarify the termination of any previous representation agreements and to affirm Ana Carla Maza's sole ownership and control over her artistic endeavors

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