La flor

« An imaginary travel to Latin America »

The new album & tour 

Release Date July 17, 2020


« Authentic and  Touching »

Authentic and touching, the second album "La Flor" in acoustic solo by cellist and Cuban singer Ana Carla Maza invites us on an imaginary travel to Latin America where she revisits the traditional music of her childhood as well as her own compositions. From Brazilian bossa nova to Cuban habanera through an enlarged musical prism. Latin rhythms, pop melodies, jazz harmonies and classical techniques come together to create a world of explosive maturity shaped by a sweet voice, percussive pizzicati and an airy bow.

Born in Cuba into a family of musicians, Ana Carla Maza took her first steps on the Havanese stages from the age of ten. In Paris in 2012, she studied at professional Conservatory and Sorbonne University between performances across the world in a solo career.

Today, at twenty-four, Ana Carla skims the stages of major jazz festivals. Her voice and her play, where passion, indolence and grace mix, captivate, marrying her Latin roots and her open- ended approach to music.


« I don't know what the future of jazz and its cousin music will be, but what is certain is that with personalities like Ana Carla we don't have to worry about it: it will remain lively, innovative and radiant! »


Armand Meignan

Président Europa Jazz



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