From the Cuban son, samba and bossa nova-suffused album Bahía to be issued next year in late-February on the Persona Editorial label, the track 'A Tomar Café' (which means translated from Spanish ''to drink a coffee'') by Chilean-Cuban cellist/vocalist Ana Carla Maza and sung in Spanish and French is now streaming. The 'Bahía' in the title is not the region of Brazil but is instead a district of the Cuban capital Havana where Maza grew up. Tracks include the Quechua (Andean)-derived ‘Huayno’ and 'Miriam Valdés' dedicated to the sister of famed Cuban jazz legend Chucho. Miriam taught Ana Carla as a child and sadly died of Covid recently. Ana Carla later studied at the Paris Conservatoire and last year released La Flor which drew on latin material and pop refracted through the prism of her classically-trained style. If you like Ayanna Witter-Johnson Maza may very well appeal although the approach of each player is quite distinctive.Ana Carla Maza, above. Press shot

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